Soundclash presents Chroma & Hosta, 9th May at Cosmic Ballroom, Newcastle


When Total Science made the short flight up from London on the 7th of March, people were expectant. Tickets were sold, excited chatter abounded on Facebook and Twitter. Widely thought of as the godfathers of drum and bass with over 20 years experience behind them, we knew they wouldn’t disappoint, but what we didn’t know was the level to which they wouldn’t disappoint. Armed with a crate full of dusty jungle records, Total Science set the bar to a level even Yelena Isinbayeva would have trouble with (Gold Star if you know who I’m on about). They rolled out a spectacular 2-hour vinyl only set which left everyone perplexed and amazed in equal measure. It would have been one of the most unbelievable things I’d ever seen had I not been sat in the ticket booth for most of the duration of it (muffled sob).

On the 9th of May, the promoters behind this night, which is called Soundclash, return once more. Things are both more local and more low-key this time, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be dull. Headlining on the night are Geordie trio Chroma, composed of drum and bass producers Phobia, Sato, and Tyrone, all of whom have had impressive solo careers. Sometime last year they came together as three and since then have had a steady conveyor belt of fine releases on top labels such as ProgRam, Renegade Hardware, and Total Science’s imprint CIA. Joining Chroma is another local, that purveyor of all things deep and golden Hosta. He’s slowly made this way through the ranks with a series of solid releases on labels like Soul Deep, and is well renowned in the local scene for sets which somehow manage to be chilled yet full of urgent energy.

Providing the support as always are Curves’ reliable stalwarts Spectra and Ruckuz, who have on occasion described their sound as ‘amen brutality’; residents and hosts Dionysus, who will be rolling out a deeply Soul:R influenced set; and finally Flint & Steel, who will be playing anything and everything falling under the general banner of bass music. Hosting as ever is Newcastle’s No.1 master of ceremonies Aems, and if the aforementioned ‘amen brutality’ gets a bit too much, the upstairs will be grooving with hip-hop all night courtesy of Pegz and Lil Chris.

Like the sound of it? You’ll like the price even more. A mere 3 quid. See you there. I’ll be the one looking miserable in the ticket booth.

Previewer: Matthew Scott

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