The Little Kicks at The Head of Steam, Newcastle on 31st May 2014


If ever there was a band as underrated as The Little Kicks then I’d be surprised. The likeable four piece from Aberdeen almost certainly suffer for their loyalty to their hometown because were they to venture to the capital I’d make a hefty wager that they’d be as big as Keane (to whom they sometimes could be compared) or even Coldplay, such is their songwriting prowess.

I’ve had the privilege of catching them live twice and each time they’ve impressed, giving performances of great skill but, more importantly, emotion.

The band have released two great albums so far and on their most recent record the songs Heartbreak Pts 1, 2 and 3 showcase all aspects of the band from driving rhythms and beats, great pop sensibility and heartfelt and heartbreaking sincerity.

The band have regularly visited Newcastle and often to play The Head of Steam. This time they’ve enlisted some top notch local support in the form of Human Sacrifice Club, Coquin Migale and Joe Allan.

With entry less than a fiver it’s a no-brainer and a gig I’m more than happy to endorse. Just a shame I’ll be at Primavera Sound! Well, someone has to.

Previewer: Russell Poad


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