Boyzone at Durham County Cricket Ground, Durham on 7th June 2014


Like New Kids on the Block before them and One Direction after them, the boy band has forever remained the stuff of legend in the music world, a sort of unstoppable force and – when ingredients are right – the literal picture of many a music fans youth and adoration. But as time passes and that fan grows there is the inevitable question of whether that unit should, or even can, continue indefinitely. As members age and tastes and styles change the group takes on a more mature outlook, producing content which reflects their newer ambitions, somewhat extended from simply touring the world and meeting their adoring fans.

Boyzone has felt change more than most and recent turmoil within the group – not least the death of Stephen Gately in 2009 – would have been enough to spearhead any outfit to remain disbanded. Instead, the remaining four members regrouped, organised themselves and released a fitting tribute to Gately in the form of 2009’s ‘Brother’

The band’s catalogue has itself served as a timeless collection of memories for lovers, celebrations and general pop culture throughout the years with material such as ‘No Matter What’, ‘Love Me For A Reason’ and ‘Picture of You’ amongst their most well known and instantaneously recognizable material. Those who claim to never have heard a Boyzone track are either lying, deaf or mad – a sentiment shared by all when Comic Relief favourite ‘When The Going Gets Tough’ is reminded upon us!

Vocalist Ronan Keating’s own material has itself provided songs of a similar nature, with tracks such as ‘When You Say Nothing At All’ and ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ almost as well known as the singers unique pronunciation style.

Fast forward to 2014 and the group return with another post-Gately compilation, this title entitled ‘BZ20’, in honour of their twentieth anniversary as a group, a somewhat remarkable achievement in itself for any boy band. Despite Keith Duffy’s occasional appearances on Coronation Street, Ronan Keating’s Australian judging panel commitments, Keith Duffy’s reality show successes and Shane Lynch’s alternative career in motor racing there can be nothing stronger than the friendship which brings together these four Dublin men.

Enjoyed by music fans of all ages and spectrums this is set to be a memorable performance in an incredibly scenic and unique venue.

Previewer: Wayne Madden


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