The Pains of Being Pure At Heart at Cluny, Newcastle on 30th June 2014


Along with You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and The History of Apple Pie, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart are in amongst those heavily worded Indie bands with abbreviations as long as their names. Sometimes it’s quite annoying, especially when you’re writing a preview and only have so many words to work with, although when a band is this good it’s justified.

TPOBPAH (see what I mean) frontman Kip Berman once tried his hand at music journalism, but it’s good to know he eventually gave up scripting for songwriting. The low-fi, noise-rock outfit, whose earlier material has been compared to shoegaze vets MBV, have seen various line-up changes over their seven year career, whilst receiving critical acclaim for their fuzzy, self-titled debut and 2011s emotively charged follow-up Belong. After the most recent departure – keyboardist Peggy Wang – the band have huddled down and plucked out album three in the form of Days of Abandon.

Singles like ‘Simple and Sure’ suggest a step into the more colourful end of the pop spectrum, showing signs of a more refined, slicker sound. Berman is confident that the album will deliver, “This record feels more emotionally complete, to me at least. And I think our musicianship really improved a lot and allowed us to push the sound to places we hadn’t been able to go before”.

The band will be introducing their newest tunes to a most likely packed-out crowd at The Cluny on the 30th July and will surely include old favourites ‘Come Saturday’ and ‘Heart In Your Heartbreak’. TPOBPAH’s sound can only be amplified by a smaller venue and It all sounds like an exciting prospect for superfans (including myself) whilst I’m sure new ears will be warmed by the band’s joyous indie-pop simplicity.

Previewer: Nad Khan

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