Yellow Creatures at The Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle on 27th September 2014


Yellow Creatures are inventors. These four musicians, combining their talents and very unique styles, unify as a powerful totem standing tall and inseparable for a soul that is both thoughtful and full of action. Every song that they make is built only with the parts necessary to complete its design, no more, no less. This clinical concision in their music provides a clear but unforgiving terrain for which lyrical themes of Orwellian paranoia and pulp-fiction horror are given the perfect stage to cast shadows in the mind of the listener. The worlds painted in Yellow Creatures’ songs are often relayed through repeated captions and incomplete narratives giving just enough information for your imagination to work out what might be happening, but not quite enough detail to be certain.

In 2013, the band released their eery debut EP, ‘Nature Of The Beast,’ and although the four tracks represented Yellow Creatures’ ability to intrigue and create suspense, it did not capture the might and edge of their live sound. Now, many stories later, they are ready to unveil its follow-up ‘The Year Of Everything & Nothing.’ This new EP is a zig-zagging fireball, instantly raising your pulse and keeping you energised until its wonderful and enigmatic conclusion. Though it continues the post-production collaboration between themselves and James Armstrong (Slow Clinic,) this second EP is sonically sharper than this first, and compliments Yellow Creatures catalogue by showing the more fearsome side of their sound.

For every creation you are presently offered by Yellow Creatures, whether it be this new EP or a rattling live performance, rest assured, there will be ten or more surprises already up their sleeve that they have yet to reveal. This is the result of their tremendous work ethic, from prolific songwriting and performance realisation, to seeking out venues, wide and weird, to play to audiences of all kinds. Yellow Creatures’ love for music, and for the freedom it gives everyone involved, destroys any elitist inertia in their wake. The experience is ripe for all to enjoy.

Ultimately, the real power of Yellow Creatures is experienced in their live performances. Through rigorous practice, each of these musicians marry precise and visceral parts into a tightly unified punch of sound which they deliver straight to our chests. All hips and legs become electrically charged and cannot help jerking and twisting around with the music’s angular soul. Marc Bird delivers his lyrics, often short, sharp sentences, with a deep authoritative voice which demands your reverence. Alongside Barton’s fingers moving around the bass fretboard like a hyper-spider, Jacob’s intricate drum patterns constantly evolving, and Gardner playing the synthesiser like he’s summoning spirits from another dimension, the whole stage fights for your attention. Whatever investment you have given to see them, they have earned it and more within the first few bars, but joyously continue to give their all for the duration, set after set, night after night.

At every level Yellow Creatures use their music to engage and welcome you to engage with them through it. They are humble and friendly people, hugely talented and passionate. With these values at the core, and an uncompromising vision in their work, they are a band you can really fall in love with.

‘The Year Of Everything & Nothing’ EP will be launched at The Star & Shadow on 27th September 2014. All ticket proceeds from this gig will be donated to this exemplary institution, home to many incredible events, with this launch sure to be a faithful addition to its impressive history. Not only will Yellow Creatures vibrate rich sounds to your ears, but the show will be complimented by projections of images captured on glass lantern slides by Grubb Parsons Ltd., courtesy of the Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums. This spectacle is not to be missed.

Previewer: Tom Hollingworth

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