Chali 2Na at Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle on 16th November 2014


Calling all old school hip hop fans! Hoochie Coochie is once again the place to be if you want to bust some grooves on the dancefloor. Following hot on the heels of the legendary Jungle Brothers, Chali 2Na arrives at Newcastle’s premier venue for funk, soul, and now hip hop.

Famously a member of Jurassic5 together with Cut Chemist, Mr 2Na is now ploughing his own furrow as a solo artist. J5 epitomized the cool laid-back funky hip hop that characterised much of the 90s and early 00s. Chali 2Na has continued that legacy and his beats are as inspiring now as they were back then, timeless.

He raps with his distinctive low voice, bringing us tales from his days in South Central LA, and hopes of righteousness and a better future. I suppose he could be compared to Roots Manuva, he even collaborated with him back in 2001.

Most tracks on his albums to date are collaborations with a range of artists including Beenie Man, Raphael Saadiq, Damian Marley and even Linkin Park. Charles Stewart Jr gets around, but he always keeps his own style; Jurassic5 style.

So first, we had Jungle Brothers and now we have Chali 2Na. This is a night not to be missed for all you    b-boys out there. Do me a favour and make sure you don’t. It’s not every day a giant of this stature walks down Pilgrim Street.

This guy has got da fonk and he’s “Comin Thru”…………

Previewer: Les Aitch

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