PREVIEW: Queen with Adam Lambert at Metro Radio Arena on 13th January 2015


When Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury passed away in November 1991 of pneumonia, arising from complications involving AIDS, the world had lost one of its most prolific musicians. Indeed, as late as November 2014, we are still hearing original new material recorded by Mercury and released to critical acclaim. Not withstanding that, Mercury was only one quarter of Queen and his talent and energy was, in reality, just a fraction of the momentum and talent which helped this band succeed.

If the purpose of a preview is to list a bands achievements and skills in order to persuade the reader to attend the highlighted performance, then I could quite literally write 3,000 words, not even coming close to listing all the reasons why your attendance is recommended at January’s performance.

Queen’s historical successes speak for themselves, having written some of the most iconic and defined popular music in recent history, with songs such as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Radio Ga Ga’ perhaps more well known than the individual members of Queen who wrote them. Accompanied to this is a back catalogue of tracks ranging over 40 years, and although you’re unlikely to hear either ‘Jesus’ or ‘The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke’ at their most recent performances, anyone with a knowledge of where you’d find either of these two Queen compositions in the bands back catalogue should be in attendance.

Joining the band on vocals is American Idol finalist Adam Lambert whom, despite not winning that competition, has in many respects achieved more of his dreams than should he have done so. Lambert’s unique vocal style brings a lot of inspiration from Mercury, but his interpretation of the lyrics and his deep respect for the music can only be matched by his energy in performance. While original Queen bassist John Deacon has retired from the Industry, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor are so universally appraised and recognized, that to attempt to convince you to attend a concert which features this duo united in performance would be an insult to their sheer talent.

Perhaps you were there when Queen first performed at Newcastle City Hall in 1971? Maybe you were sitting in Leazes’ Park on a Summer day listening to their performance at a sold out St James Park, 1986? Either way the music and anthem of Queen’s songs will no doubt echo throughout the chasm and hollow of Metro Radio Arena. It’s my opinion that this arena was built so that music like this could be performed.

In short, if you don’t attend this gig, you’ll be regretting it for a very long time.

Previewer: Wayne Madden

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