PREVIEW: Spill The Gravy’s Christmas Party at Digital, Newcastle on 5th December 2014

Image for Spill the Gravy preview

Christmas is a time for joy, laughter, and, as my girlfriend insists on reminding me every twenty seconds or so, presents. It’s also the time when we tend to overindulge: eating loads of mince pies, Christmas puddings, trifles, pigs in blankets, selection boxes, massive turkeys and, if you’re absolutely mad, sprouts. But my absolute favourite part of this Christmas will without question be Gravy. But not the sort you pour on your mash and Yorkshires though (although, obviously, that sort of gravy is also excellent). No, the Gravy I speak of is what I would argue is Newcastle’s only proper multi-genre bass night, the only night I’ve been to where you can hear everything from disco to dubstep and grime to Genesis and, more importantly, the only night I’ve been to where such a multi-genre set up actually works. (And – yes – I made up the bit about Genesis: sorry Phil Collins fans). Mixing too many genres – for an old romantic like me at least – is usually a big no-no, usually resulting in furious drunken head-shaking and incredulous slurred sniggering. But when it’s done well it works brilliantly, and Spill The Gravy, to give them their proper name, don’t half do it well.


(Phil Collins’ reaction to his non-inclusion)

Having sold out an incredible party at Digital a few months ago, on the 5th of December they are throwing what they’ve described as an ‘impromptu’ Christmas party, this time in the two upstairs rooms of Newcastle’s biggest nightclub: Digital 2 and Think Tank. The line-up is something to behold, especially considering the restricted capacity. In one room we have the undisputed heavyweight champion of jump-up DJ Hazard, rising stars Jus’ Now and Kerwin Prescott, and of course Mele, who played the best multi-genre set I’ve ever heard at the Spill The Gravy warehouse party a couple of years back. The acclaimed grime imprint Butterz Records are taking over the other room, featuring the immensely talented (and beautiful) Flava D, Footsie (of Newham Generals fame), and the bossmen themselves Elijah and Skilliam. And if that’s not enough, the ever-dynamite P Money will be on hosting duties in both rooms at various different points of the night.

Early bird tickets, I’m told, are on sale now, but they won’t be around for long I imagine, so speed is of the essence if you want to grab yourself a ticket. How to sum up how big this will be? Imagine putting a full-blown, Himalaya style avalanche in a snow shaker. Or a Katrina style hurricane in a goldfish bowl. You can’t have a good Christmas without good Gravy, and on this evidence Newcastle is going to be full to bursting point.

Previewer: Matthew Scott

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