PREVIEW: Katherine Jenkins at Sage, Gateshead on 28th February 2015

Katherine-Jenkins-reduced-300x224 Surely there can’t be anyone left in the UK who hasn’t heard of Katherine Jenkins and certainly no-one who reads these pages, no matter which musical genre you lean toward. However, in case you have been marooned on a desert island for the past 10 years, here goes…..

Ms Jenkins is Britain’s most prolific classical artist. A student of London’s Royal Academy of Music, reputedly the subject of the UK’s most lucrative recording contract for a classical artist, honoured with an OBE in 2014, Classical Brit Award winner, 3 chart topping albums and responsible for introducing a mainstream audience to classical music with her appearances on numerous reality television programmes in the UK and U.S. both as ”mentor” and participant.

However, because of the crossover aspect of her work she has often criticised by the purists for taking the possibly easier more commercial route – highly unfairly if you ask me. November 2014 saw the release of her 10th solo studio album “Home Sweet Home” which apparently takes her back to her classical roots. She sings a diverse selection of songs written by Elgar, Beethoven, Ivor Novello, and some chap they call Freddie Mercury.

You can hear a selection of these (and more I assume) as Katherine returns to Sage Gateshead on February 28th. Disappointingly she got married recently, but I’ll still look my best.

Previewer: Les Aitch

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