Horse Meat Disco at Hoochie Coochie on 16th January 2105

unnamed-1I had heard the name ‘Horse Meat Disco’ and I was aware of great fanfare surrounding it. After volunteering to review I delved deeper and found that their monthly night in London is supremely popular and has the strap-line ‘the queer party for everyone’. I hadn’t anticipated this aspect to it, and I thought to myself how refreshing it is to have a straight-friendly gay night somewhere other than the seemingly designated area known as the pink triangle. As somebody who does not usually attend such events it was admittedly with some trepidation that I made my way to the familiar surroundings of Hoochie Coochie, although that is quite shameful; women don’t jump on me, so why should men?

I spent some time in the ticket area, and felt as though I was in some kind of documentary, it was brilliant. While there were some regular members of the congregation there, Newcastle’s church of funk and soul was filling up with some new faces, some sporting fabulous disco attire; this was going to be a fun night. When the guys eventually took to the stage, they were an hour past the allotted time; they dove straight in to the disco classics with some upbeat numbers to get the already full dancefloor that little bit fuller. I’m not usually a fan of DJs, they often play tracks I have in my own collection so I don’t see the allure, but these guys played stuff I hadn’t heard before, some of which I enjoyed and some of which I didn’t, but that’s personal preference. One thing is for sure, they were expressing themselves through vinyl, they must be pretty fun guys to be around, but perhaps not all the time…The speakers were cranked up to full volume though, the punters were in 100% party mode and I was drawn in to the throng at the front. Despite being stone cold sober I found myself bopping away, trying desperately not to engage in uncle dancing. Hoochie Coochie had the feel of a nightclub, albeit a very small one and I’m sure the dancing went on long into the night, but I had a metro to catch.

For me, I would take a live band over a DJ any day, it seemed to be a couple of guys playing disco tracks, but to the 200+ crowd it was a bombastic performance by two fifths of one of the hottest DJ groups in the UK today. If you are planning a big night out, are planning to have a few drinks and boogie the night away in a fun and welcoming atmosphere then I would definitely recommend Horse Meat Disco. If you are unsure or not particularly into flamboyance and letting yourself go, then you might want to give them a miss, although they did play some really great tunes. Finally, to reiterate my earlier point, credit has to go to the guys at Hoochie Coochie for recognising the zeitgeist of the city. We are not homophobes; we are open-minded, forward thinking people.

I think George Clinton summed it up quite well when he sang:

Reality can be stiff sometimes, but then again it can be flexible, depending on the angle of the dangle, increased by the heat of the meat, and with the proposition that not all men are created equal, So why frown? Yeah, even the sun go down, we’ll call it mixed emotions for now, play on, Jimmy.


Reviewer and Photographer: Joe Fowler

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