PREVIEW: Sulcus presents Bake @ World Headquarters, Newcastle on 20th February 2015

Bake for NEMM-1
One of Newcastle’s newest nights is Sulcus. In November, they put on their first party at WHQ, inviting Alexander Nut up to the land of bridges and brown ale for a night of groovy house, techno, garage, and pretty much anything else that floats in and around those three words: which to be fair is quite a lot. Having then taken a couple of months out to reflect and (presumably) stuff themselves with the absolute winner that is Christmas Dinner, Sulcus are returning on the 20th of February for their second night and first of the new year. And instead of looking to London, as would be the norm, they’ve instead turn their attention north of Hadrian’s Wall and booked one of the key figures of Glasgow’s – and Scotland’s, for that matter – house and techno scene.

I’m talking about Bake. Who is Bake, you may ask? Over the past couple of years, he is a DJ and record label owner who has gained increasing recognition of both his technical ability behind the decks and keen eye in the A&R side of record label management. His label, All Caps, whacked out their first release on the 28th of November 2011, an intriguing yet harmonious limited EP by Alex Coulton. A quick look on Discogs will tell you that this EP has become a highly desired piece of plastic amongst record collectors. After ths inaugural release, we’ve also been treated to music from up-and-coming stars such as Helix and DJ Guy, with the most recent being a strange sort of experiment ambient house EP by Ekranoplan in October 2014, which is as fine as it is odd: a delicious combination. In other words, All Caps is a label that is both making people in the scene sit up, as well as rejecting conformity: putting out music that is weird yet wonderful at the same time. I like that. A lot, in fact, considering the amount of (pardon my French) absolutely crap and repetitive house and techno that is shoved down our throats every other second at the moment.

Bake himself, despite being only one third of the team behind All Caps, has gained his own little following as a DJ too. Apparently, he has been described by Pariah as the next Ben UFO. I’ve never seen Ben UFO, but my acquaintances tell me that this is a comparison not to be taken lightly. Therefore, I imagine you can expect an eclectic blend of the peculiar brand of house and techno released by All Caps, as well as sprinklings or grime, garage, dub, and other words like that. Tickets to this one are priced at £5 for the WHQ website, with entry on the door being £6 before midnight and £7 after. There is also more support to be announced at the time of writing, which means you won’t just get to see one DJ all night. Worth a look this one then, if you’re interested in the kind house and techno that sticks two fingers up at the boring ball of kicks and snares that a lot of conventional house music now is.

Previewer: Matthew Scott

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