Little Comets at O2 Academy, Newcastle on 14th March 2015


On the final date of a UK tour supporting the release of ‘Hope Is Just a State of Mind’ Little Comets played to a rapacious home welcome at O2 Academy Newcastle. 

The band made up of Jarrow brothers Rob Coles and Mickey Coles and Washington’s Matt Hall embraced the communal welcome by opening their twenty song set list with ‘The Gift of Sound’ which was accompanied by fellow tracks ‘Little Italy’, ‘Formula’ and ‘Fundamental Little Things’ from the band’s first official top forty album ‘Hope is Just a State of Mind’.

The idea to play a vast amount of new songs at a headline gig was a brave move but Little Comets fans are devoted to their local indie heroes and are not phased in the slightest. Indeed they know and love some of the songs so well that they take an active part in them. This was highlighted by the bands performance of ‘B&B’ which although it deals with serious contemporary social issues never loses the Little Comets sing-along catchiness. The crowd sang along to the words ‘so I drive around this town Thatched new by the thrust of the cuts: bollards and the legacies they all out grew’ perhaps with a growing understanding that Little Comets have grown up and are now dealing with more meaningful subject matter. That’s something that could not have been said in their formative earlier years as they break into ‘Jennifer’.


The classics were coming thick and fast, one song after the other delighting the audience as ‘Worry’ and ‘Joanna’, perhaps for some reminding them of their teenage years. This certainly applied to me as I recall singing at house parties ‘One Night in October’. As an adult I am now singing along to ‘My Boy William’ written by Front man Rob Coles, demonstrating the new found concerns he has about modern media now he is a father.

Towards the end of the set everyone came together for a dance as ‘Dancing Song’ kicked into gear, the crowd upped their game and gave a rousing response to this modern day indie anthem.

Little Comets are true local indie heroes. And you never know, as a now independent band signed to The Smallest Label the Little Comets may become an heroic voice of a generation if they continue their present formula.

Reviewer: Tyler Marriott
Photographer: Graeme Baty

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