PREVIEW: Meghann Clancy at The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle on 31st May 2015


On the 31st May, North East based singer-songwriter Meghann Clancy will be launching her latest release ‘Lay It On The Line’ at The Cumberland Arms. It will be her first release in 2 years.

Her debut album –‘Take Flight’, released in December 2012 – is a testimony to her talent on the piano and guitar; this EP will show off her development in her songwriting and vocal skills.

Having seen Meghann perform numerous times, it is clear to see the evolution of her musical prowess from folky and introverted to confident and diverse. In 2013, she tells me, she went on a songwriting course with the London Song Company and admits herself that her writing style and confidence has really developed.

Alongside her solo work, Meghann has also joined two very different groups: The Shoeshop Quartet – a female a cappella group – and Peculiar Disco Moves. The diversity of these groups and the music she is playing means Meghann is stepping out of all sorts of boxes.

From the songwriting course and her activity with the bands, it was the perfect time to get back into the recording studio. She tells me that she selected four songs from a now heaving catalog of new songs (she was writing on average three songs a month over a ten month period).

She’s recruited Liam Gaughan to produce and Peculiar Disco Moves band mate Danny Ward to play drums, recording most of the backing at Blast Studios. They recorded everything live in different booths, which is very different to how she recorded ‘Take Flight’. She has wanted to maintain the energy and vibe of the band for the EP, so a more live approach it’s been.

Here To Stay (Live) by Meghann Clancy 

The title of the EP is ‘Lay It On The Line’, which is a line from one of the tracks. I’m told the running theme of this release is talking honestly and vulnerably about relationships, so she feels the title is apt.

I’ve had a sneak preview of the tracks and I’m impressed. They are a great combination of acoustic soul, and fun, upbeat tunes. I’m particularly excited that a personal favourite ‘Blah Blah Blah’ is on there; it’ is catchy, tongue-in-cheek and great fun. ‘Here To Stay’ is also on the EP and you can here the live audio of Meghann performing that song solo above. The EP version features full band. 

Knowing Meghann (and I’m sure anyone who has seen her live will agree), I’m certain the launch will be as captivating and reflective of her talents as ever. I can’t wait!

Previewer: Jess Wearn
Photographer: Nigel Hepplewhite

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