PREVIEW: Carnival Of Crows at Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle on 18th June 2015


We’re all guilty of it; categorising. Even at NE:MM, a blog dedicated to the promotion of all forms of music we put things into boxes labelled ‘genre’ to make things easy for you (and us). Yet many of the bands and artists we listen to don’t fall squarely into one category or another, Carnival Of Crows being one such band. Are they jazz? If so, what type of jazz? Are they soul, funk, hip hop? Well, the short answer is that they are all of these things. The band suffered from being pre-judged when called ‘The Jazz Rascals’ and altered their name temporarily (they said at the time) to Carnival Of Crows in early 2012. A few members have come and gone since then but the aim remains the same – to make great music that can’t be easily categorised. On their website they have the following noble aim as their mission statement:

“Carnival of Crows aim to bridge the gap between stereotypical musical genres, to infuse the excitement of Rock into Jazz and to introduce the complexities of Jazz into Rock, Dance and Pop and above all to create music that has an ease of accessibility.”

The band are currently a six piece consisting of Nicola Sana McCarthy on vocals, Steve Nash on trumpet, Charlotte McGinn on sax, Keith Mills on bass, Jonny Rix on guitar and Jae Brooks on drums.

Cantaloupe by Carnival Of Crows

They haven’t played locally since March when they were part of Sage’s ‘Nu Showcase Of Sound’ line-up alongside Barry Hyde of The Futureheads, Geoff Mull, Hazels and others.

If you’ve seen the band before you’ll probably need no encouragement to attend. But if Carnival Of Crows are new to you then you may be uncertain about taking a chance on them. Fear not because entry to the gig at Hoochie Coochie is free. So why not take the opportunity broaden your horizons, leave all preconceptions at home and just enjoy something different.

Previewer: Russell Poad

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