PREVIEW: BITW at The Mining Institute, Newcastle on 31st July 2015


BITW (the band formerly known as Back Into The Wild) launch their new ‘Last Orders’ EP at Newcastle’s iconic Mining Institute on 31 July.

Describing themselves variously as “soulful”, “indie” and “electronic” seems to suggest they’re a little unsure of direction, but believe me they’re all of these things and more, as the EP tracks undoubtedly prove.

‘Modus Operandi’, the lead track and a single to be released prior to the release of the EP, rather wonderfully plunders soulful 1980s electronic bands like the Kane Gang and Hipsway to produce a strong slice of pop. Track 2, ‘Lab Rat’ does something similar, but with a sideways step into 1990s dance.

‘Catherine’ showcases another set of talents altogether. It’s slower, moodier, more relaxing and, once the newness of these tracks starts to wane, almost certain to be the one to return to again and again.

Catherine (Live) by BITW

And ‘Wanderlust’, is an enigmatic road movie set to a musical accompaniment that wanders tantalisingly and briefly into guitar hero territory before fading like stop lights on a rain-soaked highway.

All of which is testament to the multiple musical abilities of Rob Griffiths, Jonathan Lott, Mykel Curran and Michael Mather who have somehow managed to produce a set of tunes so varied that they could conceivably have been delivered by four completely different (and extremely good) bands.

I’ll see you all on 31 July then.

Previewer: Neil Pace
Photographer: Joe Haydon

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