Sheol at The Mining Institute, Newcastle on 11th July 2015


Promoters A Disgrace to the Scene brought a cavernous night of Death Metal to Newcastle’s Mining Institute, in a space resembling a Downton Abbey style Dining Room. Situated upstairs, adjacent to a well stocked bar, the venue was packed from early on. Full of sweaty, hairy, leather clad subjects, awaiting the abyssal descent.

At the foot of the cave was Live Burial, playing “lercal Death Metal for lercal people.” Spattered with flecks of Thrash, the Newcastle locals blasted through an energetic set on their 2nd anniversary. Steady encouragement came from the crowd with a rabble of lang hairs flailing their heads about merrily, all topped off by some of the most sexually provocative and animated metal bass playing I’ve seen to date.

As we ventured closure to the insidious depths, Horrified started up. Sharing stages with the likes of Primitive Graven Image, and Ninkharsag, the band has built up a decent name for themselves in the underground, also playing with Vacivus and Sheol the night after in Liverpool. Old School Death Metals with an unhealthy blackened hue, truly opening the mouth of the cave with aggressive, bludgeoning riffs, and some horrid vocals.

Into the absolution of dark we tread, where Vacivus wait. Sunderland’s void worshipping elders bring members of Wodensthrone, Risen Prophecy, Haar, Bone Tomb and Neolithic together to indulge in some of the most grim and evil Death Metal I have heard. Playing songs from their new EP ‘Rites of Ascension’, released by Goat Prayer Records, Vacivus obliterated the audience, absolving all senses. The sound was spot on, and ear punishingly loud. Stand out track being the brand new, ‘Blind Idiot God’, injecting a Cthulhian mythos into the set.

DSC_5652      DSC_5695

Deep in the Halls laid Sheol, basking in the never ending black. Although the sound, unfortunately, was lacking a tad, Sheol’s guttural torrents sucked the audience further into the swirling mire. ‘Abode for the dead’ as their Hebrew name translates, sound as such. Vast, growling, rotting in the catacombs. Invoking slower tempos, and some nice timing changes, the established ‘Sepulchral Death’ metallers did not fail to impress. Ending their set with a nod towards the north lands, covering Dark Throne’s ‘Cromlech.’

An excellent night was had. Ale flowed, and the souls of the locals were dragged to vacuous depths with a contented smile.

Reviewer: Josh Clow
Photographer: Nick Bailey

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