Relentless – Trillians Newcastle – 16-7-15


Much to the joy of many a local Sweaty and Goff, Trillian’s re- opened it’s doors not so long ago, and upon entering I notice nothing has changed. Happy days!

Support for the night came from local favourites Witch Charmer. The Sunderland Seers played a set containing songs from both ‘Bright Curse’ and ‘The Great Depression’, weaving guitars and vocals with melodies and hooks into a potent concoction. Chuck the Doom drenched riffs with a fistful thundering drums into the cauldron, and you have a potion that could subdue a rampant bull Rhino.

Played with a professionalism that’s become expected from the well respected quintet, Witch Charmer sucked all attention, drowning the audience in their spiralling tales of depression, occultism, and mysticism.

Unfortunately the sound left a little to be desired, with the main and (one of) the backing vocals being too quiet to hear most of the sooth saying, and a whispering guitar. None the less, well played and enjoyed by all, with unison chants and the occasional cry of rites “Witch Chaaaarrrmmeeeerrr!” beckoning from the crowd.

Headlining, from Chicago USA, were Relentless. Fresh off the back of last months release ‘Night Terrors’, the ‘merican female fronted Heavy Metalists started off well playing a tight energetic set, with plenty of movement and hair flailing, getting stationary feet tapping and local heads banging. Booming vocals with a soul diva’s flavour took a back a crowd not too sure what to expect.

Sod’s law ensued after a couple of songs, snapping a string and breaking a snare. After much fumbling they were back on the go, our feet on the go, our heads on the go. Yet, the gaps between the songs were lengthy, and a lack of craic between left the audience a tad glazed and seemingly bored.

Once again the sound left a lot to be desired, being rather murky and once again, again, too quiet.

A decent night over all.

Reviewer: Josh Clow

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