NEWS: New Website launches 1st August 2015

Picture 2 If you’ve been following us on Twitter or if you like our page on Facebook then you’ll probably be aware that we launch our new website on 1st August 2015.

Why?   Simply put, the amount of traffic we now get on the blog justifies an expansion. We want to supply our readership with the best possible experience and a simple blog, however good the content might be, can be a little one-dimensional.

What will the new website look like?  You’ve only a week to wait to find out, but it will have three distinct areas.

The traditional blog will now be called Magazine and will be organised in five general genre areas, with a far better search facility than the current blog.

A Community section will be a place where people can interact; a kind of hub of conversation if you like. It’s a cross between a forum and a blog essentially, giving you the ability to post your views about all things music.

A Member’s area will feature great competitions, discount offers and giveaways. There will be a small annual subscription of £20 (introductory and may be for a limited time). If you win one of the many prizes we have to offer you’ll instantly have your money’s worth and more, with opportunities to win throughout the year. At least two offers per month will be featured and on 1st August launch day we’ll be offering four or more great prizes, each with a value exceeding the cost of membership. Picture 3 Want to know more?  We shall be issuing quarterly newsletters to anyone wishing to be kept right up to date. The newsletter will be the place that we make our announcements before anywhere else. This will include advance notice of offers in the Member’s area. To sign up, send us your email address and full name and age (some competition prizes may be age restricted) to with the header title ‘Newsletter sign up.’

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