Prophets of Saturn – Northumberland Arms Newcastle – 25-7-15


Once again Inverted Grim Mill brought an excellent line up, consisting mainly of space travel this time, to the catacombs of The Northumberland Arms.

Blasting through the stratosphere came Kylver. Wielding five sets of keys, including a Hammond, the four piece played tracks from their recently released concept record ‘The Mountain Ghost;’ about a mischievous spirit, and his demise at the hands of humans. Relinquishing in Post- Metal/ Psych/ Prog, the Newcastle locals started the night by blasting the audiences heads off. A great start for a night trans- galaxy exploration…

Hartlepudlian space pirates First Process Church Of Mars helped us clear the Earthly atmospheres, and jettison into the nether. Previously a galaxial trio, FPCOM have shufftied their line up adding a Synth to the swirling mix. Semi- improv Stoner/ Doom/ Prog was the order of the day, drifting into nebulaeic riffs that should cause any man, woman, or intelligent extra terrestrial to lose themselves and sway in the stars without consciousness. Meteor Shower drum fills and rumbling warp drive bass ground away at extremities leaving nought but husks, floating toward the blackening tract.


As the vessel slowed and glided on celestial winds Prophets Of Saturn took to The Northy’s brand new stage, creating more space in the box room, as headlining act. The Leicester Psych-onauts are currently promoting their new album ‘Retronauts,’ released by HeviSike Records. With a distinctly Trad/ Proggy feel, the Doomists raw riffs transcended the space time continuum, without Michael J Fox thankfully, with syrupy lush bass and cosmic guitars.

Often sounding like a soundtrack to a dodgy trip, the energetic set tipped into intense spiralling blackness, and drawing theaudience back out with unavoidable face melting grooves, saturated with Sabbath, Cream, Witchfinder General, and the like.

I imagine everyone had pangs in their necks on Sunday morning.

We were flying…

Reviewer: Josh Clow
Photographer: Graeme Baty

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