RUSSELL POAD – Editor, writer, photographer

I am 48 years old and live in Newcastle.

I started NE:MM as a magazine back in August 2013 and took it online as a blog in March 2014. I have no musical background; unless a stint as a vocalist and bass player in a 80’s teen band counts (believe me it shouldn’t) but have always had a passion for music and a desire to help popularise music of the type I loved. That led me to promote as the-outsider until recently and who knows, the promoter bug may bite again soon. As I age I find my own tastes developing and so my enthusiasm now extends to classical and jazz/funk whereas it used to sit squarely in the pop/indie/folk box. I hope it’s infectious and through the efforts of the many volunteer contributors to NE:MM I hope it helps you find new music that you can feel passionate about too.

eotr KL


I’m 28 and live in Heaton, Newcastle.

It feels a long time ago, but a few years back I started doing something I never thought I could – writing about classical music. Encouraged by the lovely team at NE:MM I’ve spent the time since revelling in live performances at the Sage, as well as Corbridge and Durham, and extolling the wonderful virtues of CDs I could not afford to buy by our partners Chandos and LSO Live. Through NE:MM I’ve even been introduced to opera, my once hated nemesis!

In the rest of my not-so-spare time, I play the violin locally in the New Tyneside Orchestra ( and Orchestra North East (

The best bit about all of this? Reading what all the other contributors write about their specialist genre. I learn so much!

Personal blog:



I am 17 years old and from Boldon, Sunderland.

I am an aspiring journalist who is currently studying A levels at Gateshead College in order to achieve his goal of attending university to undertake a Journalism degree. I like all good music but especially rock and indie rock.

David Smith pic


I am 30 and live in Durham.

Hello. My names David. I play(ed), recorded and toured in numerous bands for many years and graduated Newcastle University with a Masters of Music in 2008.

I setup the record and publishing company Sapien Records Ltd to help support artists. Bands have since recorded with Steve Albini, Ross Robinson, played many headline and major support tours, rocked festival such as Reading & Leeds and featured regularly in national press, TV and radio. I also co-run Shapeshifter Films; a video director collective producing music videos for numerous major (and local) artists and businesses. Come say Hi.




I am 22 years old and I live in Invergordon, Highland.

I started writing for NE:MM back in 2013, after spending a happy three years living in Newcastle and graduating from a music degree at Newcastle University, studying all sorts of music from rock, to music in the Holocaust, to classical music. After this I moved to Manchester to do a postgraduate degree and I’ve now ended up in the Highlands teaching woodwind instruments in various schools.

I love all sorts of music, but you’ll mainly find me in the classical section of the blog writing reviews on new releases.



I am 30 years old and live in Newcastle.

I love music; writing about it, listening to it and playing it. I’ve been a DJ on no less than 10 Radio stations in England, Ireland and Scotland and even ran one for a few years! I’ve met members of The Darkness and partied with Guns N’ Roses. Right now I work in Newcastle and continue to express my passion for Metal by contributing to NEMM since its inception in 2013.

Personal blog:


GRAEME J BATY – Photographer, Writer

I’m 34 and live in Newcastle.

I’m an obsessive music fan with a serious photography addiction. I suppose you can call me music photography specialist, but I like to dabble in other areas too. I’m mainly known for my work as GJB Performance Photography, that moniker was created in 2012 but I’ve been taking gig photos since around 2004.

Photography site:



I’m 23 and live in Killingworth.

I am an amateur dance music writer who specialises in drum and bass but also covers the majority of the wider dance music spectrum. I’ve been writing on and off for about four years now, and joined the NE:MM team right at the beginning. Aside from that, I’m also a drum and bass DJ and promoter who runs a night called Soundclash. I have been a vinyl devotee since day one, and consequently treat anyone who parrots the benefits of digital technology with a barely concealed neo-Luddite scorn. Tweet me @djharmonyx if you wish to argue with me.




I’m 57 and live in North Shields.

I’m from Yorkshire originally but washed up in Newcastle in the early 80’s when I went to Newcastle Polytechnic (Northumbria University today) known lovingly then as “The Poly” where after 3 years I stumbled out with a Politics Degree. Since then i’ve attended hundred’s, if not thousands, of gigs in all of Newcastle’s many venues. This list includes the likes of Elvis Costello, The Smiths, Springsteen, Dylan, The Who, The Stones, Patti Smith and early performances by Nivarna and Pearl Jam at the original, and fabulous, Riverside.

In the real world I’m generally to be founded working as some kind of housing officer somewhere in the North East. I’m a grumpy divorcee with two sons, Alex (23) and Dom (18). See you down the pub…..

2014-12-30 10.11.47(1)

NEIL PACE – Writer

I’m 50 years old and live in Durham.

In 1978 I bought my first single and it changed my life forever. It wasn’t ‘(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais’, ‘(I Don’t want to go to) Chelsea’ or ‘Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve’)’. It was, in fact, ‘The Name of the Game’ by a Swedish group known as ABBA and I’ve been purchasing and listening to top quality pop music ever since.

And, just for fun, from time to time, I write about it too. My first (and so far, only) book for Kindle, ‘The Great Cassette Experiment – The Joy of Cassettes’ is reassuringly inexpensive.

Personal blog:
Kindle book:



I’m 45 and a half and I live in Whitley Bay.

I am an illustrator and artist who occasionally teaches the fantastic youth of Newcastle all they need to know about Science. I love all forms of music, but have a passion for folk rock and classical, with a nugget of classic rock thrown in. I am very sad that the gatefold vinyl album sleeve is on the wane, it provided some wonderful inspiration (Tales of topographic oceans…anyone??!). I have loved providing graphic art for the NE:MM magazine and blog, and look forward to more. (I really like drawing musical types).

Facebook: Rob Wilkinson Art



I’m 27 and live in Newcastle.

I am a bit of a music geek with a very eclectic mix in musical tastes (generally veering towards bearded rock bands of the 70s…and the indie bands of the 00s). After spending three years in London, I recently moved back to Newcastle to start my own business in digital marketing where I specialise in social media. I tinker occasionally in playing music myself, but I love going to gigs and enjoying the talents of others (whilst secretly wishing I could do that). You can find me on Twitter @helloitsjess



NAD KHAN – Writer

I am 22 and live in Newcastle

I started writing for NE:MM back in 2013, after graduating in Media and Journalism at Northumbria University. I have since had the opportunity to review and interview many great bands/artists (The Stranglers, Bombay Bicycle Club, Courtney Love) and even go to Leeds festival on behalf of the blog. As well as being involved in the journalistic side of the North East music scene I’ve been in local bands since the age of 16 and have been able to catch an insider’s view of what it’s like to be a musician attempting to get their voice heard. As a result I’m very interested in new and emerging talents that are spawned in our region.




I’m 29 but quite possibly older at the time of you reading this. I live in South Tyneside (probably still do) but originally I’m from Lincolnshire and arrived here via Nottingham, Brighton and Yorkshire.

I started my unrequited love affair with music by playing clarinet but soon developed a teenage passion for not learning an instrument and instead making incomprehensible noises with strings and amps. I was accidentally awarded a degree for my efforts spanking the plank in 2007.

I now ruin the lives of many young, hopeful musicians by teaching.


LES AITCH – Writer

Age 56 and ¼ and in Newcastle.

Passionate about quality funk soul and jazz , with an emphasis on promoting those from the
North East. Writing for NE:MM since 2014 and will tell it like it is.  Currently enjoying the pleasures and frustrations of managing an eight piece Newcastle based funk band – King Bee. We’re on the move.



JOE FOWLER – Writer, Photographer

Age: 33 / Location: Jesmond

I am a long-term funkateer and jazzer, but I have very eclectic tastes and dip my toes into most things. I’m not a fan of folk, techno or pop though, and violins…don’t get me started. I co-present a jazz, funk and soul radio show with fellow reviewer Les which we use to espouse our love of Japanese Death Jazz. I’m a long-suffering toon fan and enjoy long walks on the beach.

Personal Twitter:
Radio Show Twitter:



I’m 28 and am based in Newcastle.
I come from Tadcaster but moved to Newcastle in 2005 to study English Literature at Newcastle University and now keep up writing alongside the day job. I have been a fan of music since my first ‘gig’ (Bucks Fizz, 1990), oscillating wildly from a love of Boyzone, Spice Girls, to Rancid, The Clash, Green Day and more recently, to Everything Everything, Marmozets, Brody Dalle and Arctic Monkeys. I love a little bit of everything, but particularly admire artists whose lyrics are poetic, intelligent, pun-filled and/or all of the above.


chris s


Aged 32 and living on the North Yorkshire Moors.

I’m Chris, and I despise most musicians and most genres of music.
So deep runs my loathing, I recently moved to a field a field a long way from Newcastle to put as distance between myself and music as possible.

Still, out of both affection for the scant few musicians I actually enjoy, and a sense of entitlement and self-importance, I write about music sometimes.




I am 17 years old from Whitley Bay, Newcastle.

I am an avid music fan and have a propensity for writing about my favourite genres of music. I hope to pursue a career in Journalism and am off to university next year. My musical taste is about as extensive as the Amazon River.

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